At Coldstream Community Annexe,


Coldstream Primary School

Monday morning - 8.45am-11.15am and

Wednesday 1pm - 3.15pm

All families with young children welcome!


What happens at toddlers? Sessions are informal and friendly, with all parents responsible for their own child and all parents sharing responsibility for making tea, coffee and snack, washing dishes, setting up and tidying away. Toys are stored in the large wall cupboard in Room 1 at the annexe but other toys can be requested from playgroup.


The children play and the parents are able to chat while keeping an eye on what the children are doing. Letting your child watch you make friends with other parents teaches them how to socialise with others so it's well worthwhile trying to overcome any feelings of shyness. We hope that all families will be welcomed and included in the group - we may look, sound or live differently but we all have one common bond, having children to care for.


The room is used by other groups so it is important we leave it clean and tidy. (Unfortunately we can't offer "messy" play (paint, sand, playdough etc) because of restrictions on the use of the room). Used nappies should be bagged and taken home as there is no nappy bin service in the annexe. If you have any concerns about the room, please tell a committee member or playgroup staff and they will pass on any concerns to the Community Association.


Sessions cost £1 per child per session. In addition a £5 subscription fee (per family) is paid every school term (Aug, Jan and June).This money goes to a range of costs - we pay a yearly affiliation fee to the CommunityAssociation, the group has insurance, admin and maintenance costs and a healthy snack is also provided.


Proceeds from fund-raising are shared with playgroup as all children can benefit from both services.

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Parent & Toddlers and the playgroup are run by a committee of volunteer parents.  A spokesman for toddlers is elected each year at the AGM to pass on any information. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings which are held usually every 6-8 weeks.

If you would like to get involved in the organisation of this group, or if you have any ideas or concerns please come along to the committee meetings to have your say or at least let a committee member know what you would like. It will be great if we can all work together to keep this group available for the benefit of all families in Coldstream!