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Stay and Play started several years ago and has proved extremely popular with all the families who have attended so far. From around 18 months many children are ready for different play experiences other than those provided at Parent and Toddlers where they can sometimes be seen as disruptive and challenging when really they just need more scope to try out new things. At Stay and Play we can offer painting, playdough, sand and water, as well as more challenging toys and equipment.


Stay and Play also lets the children get to know both the staff and the playgroup setting which makes it easier for them to settle when they start at playgroup because it is not so strange for them, and many parents have said they feel happier because they have seen what their children will be doing and who will be looking after them.


Playgroup is not compulsory (in fact neither is nursery) but many parents feel these groups give children opportunities to mix with others and to try out new things, as well as sometimes giving parents a well earned break for a short time. At Stay and Play parents get a good picture of what playgroup is about and can find out information on early education and the Scottish school system, including when and how to register your child.  Playgroup staff are parents too and understand the stresses and strains of the 24/7 job of parenting and the difficulties of entrusting your children to others so Stay and Play lets us all get to know each other a bit better before any separation takes place. Staff have also noted the benefits of getting to see what the children like doing and finding out their individual interests and capabilities because this helps us to plan fun and interesting activities that the children enjoy.



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The activities and experiences at both Stay and Play and at playgroup are based on the Scottish Government’s guidelines Pre birth to 3 Positive Outcomes for Children and Families. This document looks at the best ways of supporting children’s learning and development using 4 basic underlying themes.

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