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At Coldstream Playgroup we aim:


To provide a safe and happy place to play for all children, To treat each child with respect and support them to achieve their potential, To offer a wide range of experiences that support all children's learning, development and wellbeing, To work together with parents and other professionals to give each child the best possible care, To provide a link between home and nursery/primary school education so that children begin their formal educational journey with confidence.

We have found that by:


a) providing a wide range of interesting, stimulating activities and experiences,


b) supporting the children to make friends and play cooperatively,


c) having staff who genuinely enjoy working with young children,


we can create a safe and happy environment where children can thrive.

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General information


Coldstream Playgroup is a member of the Scottish Pre-School Play Association (SPPA) and staff are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). The playgroup is registered with and inspected by the Care Inspectorate and the inspection report is displayed for all parents to read or can be accessed through the SCSWIS website (http://www.scswis.com/).


If you have any concerns about your child or the playgroup we urge you to discuss these with the playleaders so they can be quickly resolved. There is an official complaints policy should you be unhappy with the response you get from the staff or committee.


Playgroup staff have worked hard to establish links with the nursery and primary school, the local community and the community education team to offer wide ranging support to all children and families. We hope you and your child will enjoy their time with us.